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Don't wait for the perfect idea,

for the perfect action,

for the perfect you. 




live, love and lead AS YOU ARE.


What Clients Say about Working With Me: 

"Jessica is an excellent coach and working with her is a wonderful experience that I highly recommend.  I focused my coaching on work-related stress and, as a result, multiple colleagues have commented on a remarkable change in my resilience and positivity.  With Jessica's guidance, I was able to find an invincible source of peace and joy within my mind which I am consistently able to access throughout my day. The guided visualisations that Jessica uses worked very well for me.

I learned to recognize physical symptoms as being indicators of negative thoughts, and how to reframe, redirect and transform those thoughts to serve me. I had particular success reframing my work-related stress into a positive force.

I was able to let go of limiting beliefs and substitute positives ones, all the while focusing on my core values. Jessica helped me surpass my goals to the point where I have an overall sense of calm and wellbeing at work and throughout the rest of my life."

Sarah Morton, Lawyer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

"I have been working with Jess as a professional coach for over a year now, and honestly couldn't be happier with the decision! Not only has her insightful personality and warm coaching style helped ground me in my life's direction, but her unique visioning exercises have also really helped to clarify and get to the core of complex issues - giving me the vision and confidence I needed to finish my very first documentary film.

I highly recommend working with Jess, as I know she'll help you find your own grounding to achieve the extraordinary - I'm so grateful to have had her on my side throughout life's big decisions. Thank you!"

- Kai Reimer-Watts, Director, Beyond Crisis Film, Ontario, Canada. 

A coach told me once:

"Better to do an imperfect action than a perfect inaction." 

She is right! 

Get out of your head, feel your guts, and move your feet! 


take action Now!  

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