Is there anyone that does not need to navigate uncertainty and risk on a regular basis?
To be alive is to be vulnerable; to be a leader is to be vulnerable every minute of the day.
You don’t get to opt out
— Brené Brown

I help ambitious 30-something to design the life they wish to lead.

Who am I as Your coach : 

  • I stand up stubbornly for my clients, I don’t let them get away with their old lies and habits that do not serve them anymore.

  • I guide my clients gently but firmly with creativity and fun.

  • I support my clients to actively choose to be the best version of themselves in all situations, especially the challenging ones.

  • I push them outside of their comfort zone while providing a safe environment to explore their challenges.

Who are you as my client: 

  • You are passionately committed to grow as the authentic leader you want to be.

  • You want to be challenged and to get outside of your comfort zone.

  • You are willing to have candid and hard conversations, and to be open.

  • You are ready to invest in yourself 200% with the desire to commit for at least 6 month.


Results You Can Expect From Working With Me:  

  • Clarifying your vision and your values

  • Amplifying your Inner Power to make a greater impact

  • Building and Taking Care of your relationships

  • Owning your natural talents and strength

  • Prioritizing what matters to you

  • Raising your confidence as a leader

  • Replacing sabotaging habits and patterns with ones that serve you

  • Learning self-compassion and self-empathy

  • Training you to be more resilient

  • Getting comfortable with failures

 Coaching Offers 

Coaching session are scheduled twice a month. All sessions are confidential over Zoom or Skype. 

The sessions are tailored based on your goals and need. 

Let's chat to get to know each other and decide if we are a good fit to working together. 

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Still unclear if coaching is for you? You have questions?  Let's chat: 

Book your free 30 minute chat

All the sessions are confidential via Zoom or Skype.