Practical Empathy - 2018 NVC Workshops Series

Practical Empathy - 2018 NVC Workshops Series

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6 Workshops Package

Sundays, 1PM to 5 PM

Feb. 11th & 25th

March 4th & 20th

April 8th and 22d

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Students/Low Income: $500

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    6 Workshops

    Session 1 : Intentions and Observations

    Stuck in the muck? There is a way out.  

    Let go of your conditioned thinking.

    Oserve with discernment what’s going on.

    New glasses! Not rose-coloured glasses but a new perspective for getting what you really want.


    Session 2: Feelings

    Feeling crappy? Wonderful! Learn to appreciate and love your mess.

    Figure out what’s going on for you.

    Learn to guess what’s up for others.


    Session 3: Needs:

    Are you lost? Re-calibrate your GPS!

    Learn to identify and connect with your underlying needs.

    Reorient yourself to what really matters to you using the NVC Map of Needs.


    Session 4: Requests and Strategies:

    Huh?? What??!! Really??

    Hear each other out.

    Ask for what you need in a way that others can hear

    Listen in a way that clears a path for a “feel-good” solution for all.


    Session 5&6: Implementation of NVC

    What’s next ? Practice! Practice! Practice!

    Bring real-life situations to work on.

    Make life wonderful with NonViolent Communication.