Who You are:

Do any one of these sound a little too familiar?

  • You’re in a job that’s OK. And that’s the problem, it’s just OK. You’re good at it, but you’ve started to realize there could be more. Not sure what, but you know it!

  • You’re not feeling super fulfilled at work. You want to do something meaningful and you know you have some skills but you’re not sure how to transfer them. You’re hesitant to leave a comfortable but (let’s say it) boring job because you’re not sure how to move forward with the skills you have.

  • You feel stuck & trapped in a place at work or in life where you feel so constraint, you’re losing sleep over it. But you’re not fully clear what’s going on and don’t know how or what to change.

  • You feel you’re living someone else’s life. You don’t know anymore who you are because you’re spending so much time being the person you think people want you to be. You’re tired of it but you’re so scared to end up alone and unloved if you let people see the real you.

  • You have this crazy dream or a super cool idea that’s been brewing inside of you for years now. But you’re terrified to take the leap. Too crazy, too stupid, too risky, too busy. But you also tired to come up with excuses, but now what? You’re unclear how to move forward without endangering your life and turn everything upside down.


  • You’re ready to be challenged and to get outside of your comfort zone.

  • You’re willing to have candid conversations. We’re not here to waste our time with weather chit chats.

  • You’re eager to invest in yourself 200% with the desire to commit for at least 6 months. You understand the value of personal development & can’t wait to dive deep.

  • You’re super reliable and open. I’m not interesting in chasing you if you’re missing more than 2 sessions in a row. Time is precious to both of us, so let’s both show up fully and get to work!!!