What is in your mind?

As a partnership with Sustainability Network, who's mission is to strengthen environmental nonprofit leadership for collective action, I am offering a free podcast for leaders in the non profits dedicated to self-care and self- empowerment. It is an experimental and fun project that we are hoping will serve you well in developing new self-serving habits, implementing new tools and practices to feel empower and support your leadership journey. 

This month, "What is in your mind?" addresses feeling overwhelmed. Included is a fun and short exercise to clear the mind, recentre and feel calm so that you can move on with your day with clarity and serenity. 

Lots of studies have shown that practising some kind of exercises like mindfulness exercises on a regular basis have tremendous benefits on your mental health and your health overall, for example:  it creates a greater capacity to deal with challenging events, it helps to be able to form deep connections with others, it reduces stress and anxiety and much more.

To know more about mindfulness: https://www.mindful.org/the-science-of-mindfulness/ is a good place to start.

If you want more exercises like this, or if you want to share about your experience, contact me at jessica@talpaco.com or leave a comment below. 

Thank you!