Is this you?  

  • I want a job where I feel I actually contribute and make a positive impact.

  • I want to be clear about my life purpose & my values.

  • I want to be more confident and trust myself.

  • I want to be clear on how to do the things I want to do.

  • I want peace of mind, and stop doubting so much.

  • I want to feel present, fully alive and happy.

  • I want awesome relationships where I can be fully me.

  • I want to only say YES to projects and things that will make me happy.

  • I want to be the leader of my own life!



There're tons of ways: self-help books (I recommend start with Dare to Lead, Brené Brown, Ph.D), online training, workshops (hey, I’m also a facilitator by the way!), and/or get the support of a professional coach, like me!


The simplest and easiest metaphor is a sport coach. Some people work with a personal fitness coach to improve their health, build strength and get motivated in rainy days. Some people go to the gym and create their own program and motivation journey. Same with working with a leadership professional coach.

Check it for yourself, do your homework, and there’re tons of articles or videos online.  It’s not for everybody and it’s an investment in your personal growth. If you’re unsure, which is perfectly normal, let’s chat about your concerns.


I’m not going to dwell too much here why coaching is wonderful and life changing. Among others things, it helps:

  • get the results you want faster,

  • get a structure and support you need, to boost confidence and clarity of purpose and

  • hold you accountable (bye-bye procrastination and ice cream days) for achieving your goals.

Friendly Note: I do not do the work for you. Your life, your efforts. No efforts, no change. That’s harsh, and that’s true.