Are you a leader looking to communicate effectively with your team? 

Do you feel like you’re in over your head in a rapidly changing fast-paced workplace?

Jess’s Executive Coaching approach will help you : 

  • Be better equipped for difficult conversations and navigating tension with confidence and ease

  • Develop listening, empathy and communication tools to manage conflicts

  • Lead engaging, inspiring and productive meetings

  • Increase team spirit and performance with empowering and clear feedback

  • Self-assess reactions and answers on the go

  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence

  • Create healthy work/life boundaries

  • Create more space and calmness at work

  • Create new leadership habits that serve you and your team

So how are we going to make this happen? 

The Executive Coaching approach has 2 levels: 

  1. How does it work?

  2. What does it look like?  

How does it work? (Coaching Process) 

I expect clients to give the Coaching Process a 6 month-minimum commitment. In my experience, 6 months is a good timespan to implement long-lasting changes. 

The Coaching Process involves 2 phases:

  • Foundations: In the first 3 months, we’ll clarify & establish :

    • Your Vision for yourself and your team

    • Your Values, Strengths & Limitations

    • Your Communication blocks

    • Your Emotional Intelligence literacy

    • Actionable Goals

  • Deepening: In the next 3 months, we’ll go deeper into topics/challenges of your choosing. Each deepening session, we focus on what you choose to talk about. You’ll be responsible for coming prepared with a topic for the session. 

At the end of each session, we’ll co-create actions/assignments you’ll commit to doing between sessions or in the long-term.


This is only a general outline - the Coaching Process is not linear. I co-create the coaching process with my clients based on what they need and what is most important at that given moment for their leadership development. 

What does it look like? 

  • Six month-minimum commitment 

  • 45 minutes each session

  • First session is 90 minutes: designing the coaching relationship

  • Meetings via Zoom/Phone calls twice a month (every two weeks)

  • Final session is 90 minutes: review of the achievements + feedback

  • Three free ten-minutes “emergency” calls 

  •  Includes the Emotional Intelligence Assessment “Brain Profile Discovery”. 

  • Unlimited emails

How much is your investment? 

$437 per month, tax not included. 

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